Melso Automation, pumping stations, water take and well pumps, wastewater and drinking water treatment plants, Power Plants in the field with the Central Control Room SCADA; scattered in the transportation Communication with Power Control Units, data transfer, control is also water and electricity leakage detection, monitoring, and energy data load control management, RTU / Telemetry offers solutions.







 GPRS-EDGE-3G mobile communication solutions, RF, Fiber Optics, PSTNtelephone lines, ADSL, Internet, GIS (Geographic Information Systems)-based communication technologies.  




SCADA data is collected in secure rooms with central control, the control commands sent, to data analysis, alarm, events, and the creation of reports, and real-time detection of the fault location. GIS on the map with the real-time positioning, real-time monitoring, integration of ERP software and provides a common administrative database.