ACTIVITIES / Automation

 Control Room

Control Room


Melso Automation, main activies Industrial and Domestic Water Treatment Plant Automation. Pumping Stations, Drinking Water Treatment Plant Automation with concentrated in areas such as process water,

Factory Automation,

Machine Automation,

Energy Automation,

Chemical Automation,

Food, Wood, Iron-Steel, Cement  industries provides solution.


Melso Automation, the initial stage of your projects, evaluates incoming requests to offer, if it deems necessary, make feasibility studies in the field.


Tender documents, Technical Specifications, P & ID, Equipment and Instrument list, and so on. Technical data in accordance with all the requirements of your project analyzes to each process is different, high-efficiency, the most economical, optimum cost effective solutions




ın the Medium and large scale projects

Siemens Automation Platform:




S7 300/400 PLC , WinCC SCADA,  Simatic Comfort 270/370 HMI Panels . Micro Master /Sinamics frequency converters and sikostart  series softstarters.


Rockwell/ Allen-Bradley Otomasyon Platform:  


ControlLogix/SLC500/PLC5 PLC , RSView32 SCADA , PanelView HMI Paneles.   




DCS Systems; Siemens PCS7 / ABB Industrial IT AC800


 Melso Automation, Process and customer demands, keeping in mind the decision of these platforms is one of the most appropriate system configuration prepares.


 Melso Automation, your projects during the implementation stage; Prepares ,FDS (Functional Design Specification),the control scenario, the PLC programs writes in  Ladder,FBD, STL,SCL languages.



Creates SCADA Screens, writes programs, in the office test and simulation station, software testing and simulations of the station makes the PLC & SCADA programs, participation in testing at this stage allows you.

 Melso Automation, AG Panels testing phase: MCC & PLC Panels assembly at the end of Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) procedures apply, this stage, invites you manufacturing workshop,supervision in the site is a complete electrical and Program PLC & SCADA Tests completes the FAT in its reports.


Melso Otomasyon,  commissioning and start-up;


Provides support for the organization of the control room of SCADA computer, monitor, printer and UPS makes the installation ofis. PLC & SCADA provides communications, Site acceptance test (SAT), is drawn wires, connections, check the accuracy of the equipment and instruments. Instruments in the field to the parameter and calibration allows the support.


I/O check,field isntruments calibration and signal check, MCC Panels signal and electricial test, freequency & softstarter parameter and commissioning.


 Melso Otomasyon, SAT elektriksel testlerini tamamladıktan sonra kontrol odası SCADA bilgisayarı Grafik Ekranlarından Tesisin komple Kontrol ve Gözetlenmesi sağlar.

Faults of Plant, shown on the alarm Screens, belonging to the plant Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level and so on. Trend Chart and Table format screens, process values​​, process values ​​Facility, Reports provides the capability for monitoring Reporting Screens.


Melso Automation, prepares training program  for the Automation Maintenance team. According to the project's PLC programs via the SCADA screens and programs to provide training.

In this context, the event of failures and planned maintenance periods in the system, the System Hardware and Software  with all the details of how they will interfere with PLC and SCADA Computers.  Programming describes the show. From SCADA System Operators Control and Surveillance Facility will do training on how to give.  

Melso Automation; after commissioning of the plant, prepares SAT report, electrical projects as-built, user manuals and training the documents submits to operators and facility maintenance team.


Melso Automation, the first operational phase of the facility, plant increase the efficiency of all types of hardware and software to meet your demands immediately. PLC and SCADA software, all kinds of regulations, by interfering with the remote for additions over the 24/7 support and service offers.

The later stages of the plant automation system to your needs periodical maintenance, fault conditions, and distance from the PLC and SCADA hardware and software 24/7 provides hour technical support and technical service. 









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