Melso Automation, Turkey and Overseas creates turnkey solutions for Industrial Automation, Electric, electro-mechanical in areas.

Melso Automation activities include Engineering, designing, manufacturing, installing, start-up, commissioning, training and technical services.

Melso Automation ready to assist the client, from the feasibility study stage up to commissioning up phase of the plant operation. Melso automation makes analyzes all the needs of your plants, different from each process, high-efficiency, the most economical, optimum cost, effective solutions.

Melso Automation aims to present the engineering products at the highest level of quality and technology to the service of Industry.

The products and services of  Melso Automation has been selected to have; the best material, design, engineering and as a result to have the best relationship between price and quality.

Melso Automation engineers has designed, manufactured and installed many projects which is related to wastewater, water, chemical, machine, textile and food industries etc. Melso Automation Engineers a lot of Control systems installed all of them are should provide the maximum contribution to the customers with the minimum payback duration and should be able to work with the minimum maintenance costs.

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Melso Automation