ACTIVITIES / Design and Engineering


Melso Group provides electrical design/project and engineering services of all kinds of infrastructure and superstructures according to contract requirements with its professional staff. When providing Design and Engineering services, first the contract requirements and then the following issues are taken into account in order of priority.

1. Laws and Regulations

Necessary services are provided by taking into account the laws and regulations of the relevant country.

2. Standards/Codes

According to the contractual requirements, the relevant country's or international standards, codes, guides and best practice methods are applied.

3. Drawings/Design

If any, the drawings annexed to the relevant contract, the manufacturing methods recommended by the manufacturers, the application methods in the documents mentioned in Article 2 (two) or engineering solution methods in accordance with the standards are applied.

Design and Engineering Services Provided;

1. Design (Calculations, Drawings, Reports, Specifications)

a. Design for the Tender Process,

b. concept design,

c. Coordination,

d. Technical design,

e. Manufacturing drawings and calculations,

f. As built drawings,

2. Feasibility and Optimum Engineering (Value Engineering) Services